DeWalt DW756 Bench Grinder Review

Dewalt DW756 Bench Grinder

Over the years, the DeWalt DW756 built itself a solid reputation of being a performing and yet relatively affordable bench grinder. Many people use this model, from busy woodworking professionals to absolute beginners. If you are searching for a bench grinder, let’s find out if this model is worth it or not.

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#1. Technical Features


Power is an interesting aspect in the DeWalt DW756. This model does not contain the most powerful motor we have seen in a bench grinder, but it is still rated at a decent 5/8 HP. This means that it is sufficiently powerful to turn the wheels fast enough for fast material removal. Additionally, the grinding wheels will not choke or stall easily when pressed hard on. However, while the motor might not be the most powerful, the technology inside this motor is superb. DeWalt tweaked this motor to deliver maximum efficiency and basically allows it to do more with less power consumption. Moreover, the motor housing is made from cast-iron to help dissipate heat more easily and prolong the life of the motor on the long term.

The powerful motor turns the dual wheels at 3,450 RPM. This is the same speed as the ultra-affordable Wen 4276 bench grinder, but with a more efficient motor. Again, not the fastest but still fast enough to perform any type of grinding work, including tool or knife sharpening.

In any case, you do not want an underperforming motor in a bench grinder. Especially when grinding sensitive materials or tools. This will never be a problem with the DW756. In fact, you will feel satisfied with the power of the DW756, even if you are a heavy-duty bench grinder user. It can remove material fast, ideal for polishing and smoothing work, as well as for tool sharpening.

Grinding Wheel

The DeWalt DW756 comes equipped with 2 grinding wheels that measure 6-inch in diameter and with an arbor size of 1/2-inch. This is pretty much a standard dimension you will find in popular bench grinders these days. It is big enough to allow you to polish large materials, but not too big so as to put too much pressure on the motor. All in all, it is an ideal size for the motor power.

The grinding wheels are 60 grit and 36 grit for versatility when polishing different material of different densities and surfaces. You can use the finer 60 grit stone for polishing and smoothing surfaces while the 36 grit one is mostly for removing material from surfaces. Additionally, one great use of the 60 grit stone is sharpening your tools, especially those fine woodworking tools like chisels. Talking about the wheel, we have to say that we like the grinding wheel quality in this DeWalt bench grinder. It is solid and made from a heavy-duty stone mineral. This stone is durable and should definitely last you a long time, even if you abuse it daily.

Best, there is 12-1/2 inches gap between the 2 wheels so as to allow you to work with larger materials. It seems that DeWalt thought about everything when it comes to this bench grinder. There is definitely a lot of versatility and ease of use in this unit.


In terms of noise, we find a nice balance. It is not the noisiest bench grinder on the market, mostly because the 5/8 HP motor is not that big to cause the unit to be unbearably noisy. However, ear protection is still recommended when operating this grinder.


The cast-iron foundation of the DeWalt DW756 is sufficiently large to provide a lot of stability to the tool during grinding. Best of all, the base has insert holes that allow you to fix the power tool to a workbench for even more stability. This is commonly a feature missing in more affordable bench grinder solutions like the Wen 4276 bench grinder. All in all, you should be no stability issues with this unit.


Although this unit is missing a work light out of the box, you can purchase one for a few bucks separately. Moreover, what we really like about this unit is the machined-finished aluminum tool rest. It is thick and provides a lot of stability and ease of use to your sharpening work.

This model also comes equipped with clear spark deflectors that are also adjustable. The spark deflector and tight tool rest make it difficult to hurt yourself using this bench grinder. But best, the power switch is located at the front in case of an emergency. We have become tired of bench grinder manufacturers placing the power switch in awkward positions. Gladly, this is a not a problem with the DeWalt DW716.

#2. Price

The price of this grinder is not the cheapest you will find on the market. It is a little bit expensive. However, when compared to budget models like the Wen 4276, it is a worthy investment. The DW756 has a superior built quality and should overall last much longer. It is also fairly powerful and excellent for any casual grinding tasks like polishing, resurfacing, or tool sharpening. All in all, we think that this bench grinder is quite reasonably priced. There are models out there that perform less than this one and cost more. That’s that!

#3. Pros/Cons


  • Adjustable and clear protective spark guard
  • Cast-iron tool rest for better ease of use
  • High-quality build construction. Durable and long-lasting
  • Cast-iron base with insert holes for mounting to a workbench
  • Efficient motor will not stall
  • Large 12-1/2 inches gap between wheels to work with large stock


  • The price could have been a little cheaper considering the lower 5/8 HP motor performance

Who Should Buy?

Get the DeWalt DW756 if you are a woodworker who has a lot of tools to sharpen. Additionally, this is a good buy for those who want a performing bench grinder for material surface removal at an affordable price. It is a stable, powerful and versatile grinder that will serve you well for years to come.

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