DeWalt DW331K Jigsaw Review

Dewalt DW331K Jigsaw

Ask any professional woodworker about their favorite wood cutting tool, and they will most probably tell you that it is the jigsaw. Indeed, if you have been researching on a quality jigsaw lately, you may surely have encountered the DeWalt DW331K. This is a fairly popular midrange to high-end jigsaw that is used by many professionals worldwide. In this product review, we are going to see how well it performs and if it is worth the money. Stay with us until the end!

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DeWalt DW331K Jigsaw Review

#1. Technical Features


The DeWalt DW331K contains an impressive 6.5-Amp inductive motor. At this power rating, it can cut right through any material with great ease. We think that this is the sweet spot value of a jigsaw and this unit hits it with a bullseye. It will not stall or under-perform, regardless of material density. When equipped with an appropriate blade, this DeWalt jigsaw will provide a smooth cut in both wood and metal sheets. Of course, it can also be used to cut other materials like rocks, granite, ceramics, etc.

Additionally, the depth of cut (stroke length) is a generous 1 inch and as long as it is used on commercially available materials that are no more than 3/4 inch in thickness, it should be more than sufficient to provide a clean cut.


The speed is another big attraction in the DeWalt DW331K. Of course, it has a variable speed control, as one can expect from a jigsaw of this caliber. It performs speeds of 500 – 3,100 SPM. The variable speed allows this jigsaw to adapt to the material for a more efficient cut. Additionally, changing the speed is very easy using the speed lever located at the side of this jigsaw. Due to the tall form factor of this handle-top jigsaw, you cannot adjust the speed on the fly. But, all in all, this is not a huge problem as most handle-top jigsaws operate this way.

Moreover, there a 4 orbital action settings in this model that further aids the variable speed setting. What this orbital setting does is change the forward and backward aggressiveness of the blade making it more versatile and efficient when cutting different materials of different densities.

Dust collection

The dust blower in the DeWalt DW331K sends a constant stream of air from top to bottom, clearing the cut line from debris and sawdust. This provides more visibility that further aids in getting a more accurate cut.


This DeWalt jigsaw uses the industry-standard T-shank blades that are known for their stability and accuracy. Additionally, you can remove the blades in a matter of seconds thanks to the blade clamp lever. You will not even have to touch the blades to do so. This is just how easy it is to remove a blade in the DeWalt DW331K.

#2. User-Friendly

The DeWalt DW331K weighs only 6.4 lbs. This is lightweight for a handle-top jigsaw. What this means is that this model is very maneuverable and will limit hand fatigue when used for an extended period. Additionally, the handle is coated with a soft rubberized layer making it very comfortable to hold. You can hold this unit either in one hand, or use the traditional 2-hands for equal ease and comfort.

Moreover, the thick rubberize coating does an excellent job absorbing the vibrations that get transmitted from the blade to the handle. Bottom line, this jigsaw from DeWalt offers one of the most comfortable cutting experience in a jigsaw.

#3. Other Features

Bevel Detents: There are 4 bevel detents in the DeWalt DW331K which allows you to make quick and easy bevel cuts of 0, 15, 30, and 45-degrees. It can further be locked in position for making repetitive bevel cuts.

#4. Accessories

When you purchase this DeWalt jigsaw, you get the unit itself and a kit box that contains a T-shank blade, a non-marring plastic shoe, and a user’s manual. The bare minimum to get you started. We see that this is a recurring pattern that jigsaw manufacturers adopt by shipping their products only with the bare minimum. In any case, jigsaw blades are available almost everywhere and do not cost a lot.

#5. Price

This DeWalt jigsaw is not the cheapest jigsaw we have reviewed. This does not mean to say that it is an expensive model. It is not! For a midrange to high-end model, we think that it is very reasonably priced with an excellent build construction and a powerful motor. Of course, we prefer the Porter-Cable PC600JS a little bit more because it has a better price-to-performance ratio and is only a tiny bit less performing than this model. However, all things considered, the DeWalt DW331K is the superior product here. Our advice is simple. If you can afford it, get it!

#6. Expert Review

Since many experts use the DeWalt DW331K, we can expect a lot of professional review on this product. One such expert review is from YouTube channel Toolstop. The guys in this channel give a hands-on demonstration on how to use this jigsaw, just after they finish going through the various features in great detail. At the end of the video, pay close attention on how they use this jigsaw to cut a thick granite block with exceptional ease. Finally, they like the ease-of-use of this device and highly recommended it. To get a better idea about this product, watch this review video below:

#7. Pros/Cons


  • Powerful 6.5-Amp motor can cut through anything with great ease. Can be used for heavy-duty applications
  • Lightweight at 6.4 lbs. Very maneuverable, and thick rubber handles limit vibrations and hand fatigue
  • Variable speed control of 500 – 3,100 SPM allows you to adapt to the material
  • 4 orbital settings for adjusting the aggressiveness of the blade
  • Bevel detents of 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees for quick angular cuts
  • Integrated dust blower keeps the cut line clean


  • The cut line is not always visible when viewed from above due to the tall form factor of this jigsaw
  • A little bit on the expensive side
  • No LED light for illuminating the cut line

#8. Who Should Buy DeWalt DW331K?

This DeWalt jigsaw is a versatile and performing model. Whether you are cutting metal or wood, this powerful unit will not stall and provide the most efficient cut possible. Therefore, due to its higher price, we recommend it to semi-professionals and professionals who need a dependable and performing jigsaw in their workshop. This is a high-quality unit that will last you for years to come. Best of all, the DeWalt DW331K does not cost an arm and a leg and remains relatively affordable for a premium-grade jigsaw. Go get it!

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