7 Best Pocket Knife Sharpeners of 2017

Best Pocket Knife Sharpeners

If you camp a lot, are a backpacker or are just an outdoor person, the chances are that you will use your pocket knife a lot. Regardless of the type or quality of knife that you own this frequent use will always leave it dull. But with a good pocket knife sharpener, you can get back the sharp edge in no time.

A pocket knife sharpener ensures that your knives are always sharp when you need them, but the biggest challenge that you are likely to face is picking the right one from the many options. But, if you know the different knife sharpener types and the important factors to consider when making your pick you should not have a hard time.

Types of Knife Sharpeners

All knives will always become dull at some point due to frequent use. No matter how much you take care of your blades, they will still lose their edges, and so the right move is to make sure that you have something to hone or sharpen it. But, the first step in finding the right knife sharpening tool is to understand the different types available.

#1. Sharpening Stone

The sharpening stone is the oldest and one of the most efficient ways of sharpening knives. The traditional sharpening stones are about an inch thick, and most are made of hard materials like diamond and ceramic or the natural Arkansas sharpening stones. The ability to remove a lot of material from the knife means that these stones are handy when dealing with extremely dull blades.

#2. Sharpening Steel

Despite the fact that their name suggests otherwise, sharpening steels are only useful for honing knife blades. These sharpener types are best suited for maintaining the edge of a knife and not sharpening dull ones. And they feature a long narrow rod which is in most cases either steel or ceramic. Although they do not shave off a lot of material, sharpening steels can help to realign the blade to its original position.

#3. Knife Hones

The knife hones will work like the sharpening steel since they only take a small amount of material from the blade. They come in different styles/sizes, and most will use steel or stone to do the sharpening. Although they are not useful in sharpening a knife that is completely dull, they can still work well as pocket knife sharpeners since they can hone and polish the blade.

#4. The Electric Knife Sharpeners

The electric knife sharpeners come as a rectangular box with slots for the blade. They have a motor that spins during the sharpening, and they are quite popular due to their speed and convenience. However, they are also bulkier than the other types and will offer little control over the sharpening process. Also, they are more efficient for sharpening kitchen knives than as pocket knife sharpeners.

7 Best Pocket Knife Sharpeners - Reviews

7. BlizeTec Knife Sharpener

Editor's Rating:  (4.3 / 5)

BlizeTec Knife Sharpener Review

The BlizeTec pocket knife sharpener is the most convenient and portable item on our list. The pen shape and lightweight (1.4 oz) mean that you can easily slip it into a pocket when going for your outdoor excursions making it the best portable knife sharpener on our list. But apart from the convenient carrying, it is also useful when sharpening almost any knife type and many other tools.

This diamond coated rod sharpener features a flat edge that you can use for standard surfaces such as sharpening your pocket knives and the kitchen knives and a serrated edge that you can use for serrated blades. Also, this 3-in-1 sharpener has a groove edge that you can use to maintain an edge on your hook items.

The sleek aluminum handle combines with the diamond rod to give this sharpener an ability to hone both outdoor and indoor tools, but they also make it very durable. And the company backs it with a lifetime warranty.


  • Pen shape and lightweight for easy carrying.
  • Serrated and flat edges are ideal for sharpening both indoor and outdoor tools.
  • Diamond rod and sleek aluminum handle are ultra durable.
  • Restores knife edge with a few strokes.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • It is too short for those that like sharpening with long strokes.

Who Should Buy?

Whether you love hiking, camping, backpacking or even fishing this pocket knife sharpener will be very handy for you. The small pen shape and lightweight make it very portable, and you can take it anywhere you need it.

6. Smith's PP1 Multifunction Sharpener

Editor's Rating:  (4.4 / 5)

Smith's PP1 Multifunction Sharpener

Smith’s PP1 is the lightest pocket knife sharpener in our list as it only weighs about 0.3 ounces. But, it still performs very well despite the small profile and lightweight. This sharpener features some carbide blades that ensure you get a sharp edge and a ceramic stone for a razor sharp finish.

This sharpener will also cater for pocket knives with serrated edges since it also comes with a pull-out diamond coated rod for this. Smith pre-sets the sharpening angles, and so you only need to insert the knife and push it in and out till you get the desired sharpness.

For even more convenience this pocket knife sharpener has a molded grip for your thumb/finger and a small lanyard hole.


  • Carbide blades speed up sharpening.
  • Ceramic finishing stone for a razor sharp edge.
  • Slim and lightweight profile for easy pocketing.
  • Carbide and ceramic stones are reversible and replaceable for long sharpener life.
  • Lanyard hole for convenient carrying.
  • Fold out diamond coated rod helps in sharpening serrated edges.
  • Molded finger/thumb grip for comfortable use.


  • The small profile can make handling difficult for users with large hands.

Who Should Buy?

This multifunctional pocket knife sharpener is one of the most affordable in the list and also the lightest. And so it will be ideal for an outdoor enthusiast looking for an easy to carry and affordable sharpener.

5. Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

Editor's Rating:  (4.6 / 5)

Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic

The Lansky PS-MED01 is an easy to use pocket knife sharpener that will not require a lot of experience. It is a diamond tapered rod that is longer than what you get from other similar sharpeners, and it will make it easy and fast for you to maintain and recondition your serrated tools.

With this sharpener, you also get the standard tungsten carbide and ceramic V sharpeners set at 40 degrees for your pocket knives and other tools with a flat cutting surface. But, the Lansky PS-MED01 also includes a serrated ceramic knife sharpener that can get inside the smallest serrations.

Lansky makes this pocket knife sharpener with an all metal construction for extra durability and with a small lanyard hole.


  • Longer diamond tapered rod for better results in sharpening serrated tools.
  • Ceramic and tungsten carbide V sharpeners work well for standard knife blades.
  • All metal construction for maximum durability.
  • Textured surfaced provides a firm grip.


  • The diamond rod is not the best.

Who Should Buy?

This pocket knife sharpener is perfect for someone that does not have a lot of experience with sharpening knives because it is easy to use. A simple movement of the blade with moderate force is all you need to get a sharp edge.

4. Sharpal 101N Knife Sharpener

Editor's Rating:  (4.5 / 5)

Sharpal 101N Knife Sharpener

Sharpal 101N is a handy knife sharpener when it comes to restoring the edge on straight edge knives, serrated tools, gut hooks and fishhooks. It features tungsten carbide blades which help to speed up the sharpening, ceramic blades for honing and for a razor sharp finish and 400 grit diamond rod for serrations.

Apart from the pocket knife sharpener basics this Sharpal also comes with a fire starter and emergency whistle to make it very helpful when outdoors. And the best thing is that the fire starter functions well and the whistle is also loud enough.

The compact size makes this sharpener easy to carry since it will not add any significant weight to your outdoor gear while the safety orange color makes it easy to spot.


  • Handy tungsten carbide blades for quick edge setting.
  • Ceramic blades help with fine honing.
  • 400 grit tapered diamond for sharpening serrations and hooks.
  • Fire starter makes it perfect for campers and survivalists.
  • High pitched whistle is very helpful in emergency situations.
  • Safety orange color makes it easy to spot


  • It takes a few extra strokes to get a sharp edge.

Who Should Buy?

Apart from its abilities to restore the edge on most knife types this sharpener also includes a fire starter and emergency whistle hence making it ideal for a survivalist, campers, backpacker and outdoor enthusiasts in general.

3. Victorinox Pocket Knife Sharpener

Editor's Rating:  (4.6 / 5)

Victorinox Pocket Knife Sharpener

The coarse ceramic oval rod by Victorinox is perfect for medium sharpening. But, what makes it one of the best pocket knife sharpeners is that it is easy to carry in your pocket and also very concealable. Apart from the ceramic rod it also features a v-style pull-through sharpener that is easy to use even for someone without prior sharpening experience.

Cleaning and maintaining this sharpener is easy since you only need to a little warm water and nylon scrub pad. Also, this sharpener has a drainage hole to ensure that it dries out well. And the company backs it with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Coarse ceramic oval rod for medium sharpening and razor-sharp edge.
  • V-style pull-through sharpener makes sharpening easy for those with little sharpening experience.
  • Handy pocket clip provides more carrying options.
  • Drainage hole helps it to dry well when cleaning.
  • 100% enclosure to make it safe to keep in the pocket.
  • Lifetime guarantee.


  • The v-style pull through is not the best when you need a razor sharp edge.

Who Should Buy?

If you are searching for a concealable pocket knife sharpener that you can have with you everywhere, this is the right pick. It is 100% enclosed to make it safe to carry in your pocket, it has a pocket clip, and it also looks very stylish.

2. Alpha Tek Hunting Knife Sharpener

Editor's Rating:  (4.3 / 5)

Alpha Tek Hunting Knife Sharpener

The Alpha Tek is the easiest knife to use on our list, and it is an excellent choice for a variety of sharpening applications. This pocket knife sharpener features some crossed carbide blades that provide quick edge setting and crossed ceramic rods for a razor sharp finish. Also, the sharpener has a non-skid base for stable sharpening.

This sharpener is also very convenient to carry and store since you can hang it on your backpack carry it in the pocket or place it in your toolbox or kitchen.


  • Quick and easy blade re-sharpening.
  • Non-skid base provides stable sharpening.
  • 1,500 grit extra-fine ceramic and coarse carbide abrasives.
  • Pre-set sharpening angles for the best results.


  • It is a hard sharpener to hold in your hand for long periods.

Who Should Buy?

This pocket sharpener is the easiest to use on our list thanks to its straightforward design. And so it will work well for someone that does not have a lot of pocket knife sharpening experience or skills. Also, the design makes it perfect for sharpening hunting knives.

1. Tri-Angle Sharpmaker

Editor's Rating:  (4.6 / 5)

Tri-Angle Sharpmaker

The Tri-Angle Sharpmaker is the priciest item on our pocket knife sharpener reviews. The Sharpmaker is a set of high-quality ceramic and grit (fine and medium) stones that will help you keep your pocket knives and other tools like fishhooks, scissors, and punches sharp.

The 2 alumina ceramic stones on this set can sharpen both flat and plain edges. All the components that make this sharpener will snap into the ABS plastic case that forms the base to make storage and transportation easy. Also, the base is drilled to make it possible to fix it on a counter top permanently.


  • Alumina ceramic stones can sharpen various types of edges.
  • ABS plastic case with lid accommodates all the components for easy storage and carrying.
  • Drilled base makes it possible to fix it to a countertop permanently.
  • Set also includes a scissor sharpener, and it can accommodate sharpening stones.


  • It is quite a weighty and pricey sharpener.

Who Should Buy?

This sharpener can sharpen almost all kinds and sizes of tools making it perfect for use around the workshop. But it is also quite a pricey sharpener, and so it will be best for a professional with many blades to sharpen and is willing to spend the extra cash.

Things to Consider When Buying Pocket Knife Sharpener

Things to Consider When Buying Pocket Knife Sharpener

With the many pocket knife sharpener options out there things can be a little overwhelming when it comes to making your pick. And although our pocket knife sharpener reviews above will help to make things easier for you, it is important to understand the things to consider when buying one so as to be confident of making the right decision.

#1. Compact Size

The best pocket knife sharpener for you is one that is compact and lightweight because it means that you can take it anywhere. Most people will buy pocket knives for outdoor use, and so the sharpener should also be suitable for use when out in the woods camping or backpacking. Just like the pocket knife, a good one should be pocketable.

#2. Lightweight

Apart from the size, the weight will also affect the portability. Anything that is more than a few ounces heavy will not be very portable, and this is more so if you intend to carry it in your pocket. Also, the fact that you will need to hold it in your hand when sharpening the knives means that a heavy one will not do a good job since you cannot handle it well.

#3. Quality

Although pocket knife sharpeners are quite affordable if you compare them to the knives, it is still vital to go for the best quality. A good sharpener should have a sturdy construction to ensure that it serves you for long. An all metal construction is the best, but you can still get high-quality plastic ones. Also, those with diamond rods, ceramic blade, and carbide blades will offer the best quality.

#4. Multifunction

Multifunction pocket knife sharpeners are the most convenient because they ensure that you will not need to buy different sharpeners for every tool. A sharpener that can restore the edge on flat surfaces, serrations, and hooks is always the best. Also, those with a few extras like fire starters are also perfect.