Fiskars X27 Splitting Axe

Fiskars X27

Anyone who splits wood regularly knows how tedious and exhausting swinging a maul or splitting axe all day long is. With that in mind, Fiskars set on a mission years ago to make the most efficient and comfortable splitting axe known to man.

The Fiskars X27 is a well-built, robust and lightweight splitting axe that will tackle all the challenges of making firewood out of large trunks. The Fiskars X27 is modestly priced and yet peerless in what it does. Whether you are splitting dry wood or seasoned wood, this model will deliver and get the job done with exceptional ease.

With this Fiskars X25 review, we hope to educate you more on this iconic splitting axe and hopefully you will be in a better position to decide if this model fits your need or not.

Features & Benefits of the Fiskars X27

Anatomy of Fiskars X27

It is sometimes hard to imagine that a splitting axe can have “technologies” working inside them. After all, they are simple tools that do not seem to have much going. But you’d be wrong in assuming this as looks can be deceiving, especially with this model. In fact, there are many things that make this axe an immediate favourite for those who split wood. Here are only but a few of them.

  • Comfortable FiberComp Handle: Comfort seems to be a term that is not associated with a splitting axe. The Fiskars X27 splitting axe employs a nifty FiberComp handle that is both comfortable to hold and anti-slip. It is also sweat-resistant, so you do not have to worry about your hands slipping after you start working.
  • Shock Absorbing Handle and Chamber: the FiberComp handle of this legendary splitting axe gratuitously and internally absorbs shock thanks to its vibration-absorption chamber. This drastically reduces hand fatigue and allows you to work longer.
  • Handle Length: The Fiskars X27 has the longest handle of all Fiskars splitting axes. It is ideally suited for average to tall people with relatively long arms.
  • Carry and Hang Sheath: When not in use, you can pop in a convenient carry sheath. It retrofits as a hanger for all practicality.
  • Easy-open Lock: Want to remove the sheath from the axe body? No problem! The easy-open lock will let you remove it quickly and easily.
  • Unibody PermaHead Design: The blade and the handle body is made from a single moulded design. This prevents the blade from leaving the handle regardless of force applied, reducing accident risks.
  • Optimal Blade Geometry: The bevel shape of the Fiskars X27 provides optimal splitting of wood fibres while preventing it from getting stuck. This design has proven to be more efficient at splitting wood and also requires less force to do more.

Why is the Fiskars X27 better than other splitting axes?

When it comes to splitting axes, not all axes are the same. The Fiskars X27 super splitting axe has many things going “under the hood” so to speak that demarks it from other conventional splitting axes. It all boils down to the design.

By employing a long handle and a bevel blade, the user projects more force at the blade tip after every swing. In effect, this allows the axe to perform more splitting than a regular axe. The Fiskars X27 also has an exceptionally serrated blade that amplifies the force at the blade and allows it to penetrate further in the wood. Once inside, the bevel design helps split the wood fibres effortlessly.

It is also niftily designed in such a way that it will rarely get stuck. This is a common problem that many people face when splitting wood, especially if it is dry wood. This will not be a problem with the X27 super splitting axe.

Another feature that is rarely seen in other splitting axes, and which in and of itself is a real lifesaver – is the shock absorption chamber at the bottom of the handle. It absorbs all shock that emanates from the blade down the handle and you are always ensured that your next swing will be wobble-free, allowing you to deliver a precise strike much faster.

However, what really demarks this model from others is in the handling. It feels comfortable and not too overpowering, as you would feel with a maul. Yet, it is more powerful despite being more lightweight than your average splitting axe.

What Customer Say?

Most customers in the history of consumerism have had something bad to say about, albeit, very good products. Ironically, we have yet to meet a customer of the Fiskars X25 that has anything bad to say about it. It scores a solid 5 stars rating in almost all stores we checks and all Fiskars X25 reviews we found online strongly recommend it as your go-to splitting axe. Surely, a whole world of people cannot be wrong about it!

Different Sizes to Choose

Fiskars Splitting Axes

But the goodies do not stop here. There are many “variants” of the Fiskars splitting axes that is suited for different people of different physical statures, as well as for different jobs. They all have the same design and build-quality, at simply different sizes.

  • The X11 is a small 11” hatchet that is very lightweight and ideal for cleaning and cutting small branches. It makes an excellent addition for your next camping trip.
  • The X17 is a little bit longer and qualifies as a portable splitting axe that can easily be fitted in your bag.
  • The X25 is the smaller brother of the iconic X27 and suited for shorter users with shorter arms. It still delivers a punch and can split any type of wood with exceptional ease.

At the end of the day, choosing a good Fiskars axe will depend both on you and your job purpose. The X11 and X17 are excellent portable axes that can accompany you anywhere. For any other heavy-duty work, the X25 and X27 will deliver. Of course, there is nothing that beats hands-on experience.

To really know if those tools will work out for you, you will have to dive in and try them out for yourself. If you are uncertain at this point, go through this Fiskars X27 review one more time. But in case you do like this model, remember that it is backed by a lifetime warranty by Fiskars. You have nothing to lose with this brand and model(s).

Check price on Amazon: Fiskars X27, Fiskars X25, Fiskars X15, Fiskars X11

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