Delta 50-760 Dust Collector Review

If you are a professional who works with many power tools that generate a lot of sawdust and debris, then opting for a professional dust collection system should be the first thing on your list. It will provide a cleaner and healthier air for you to breathe as well as make the process of woodworking cleaner and dust-free. One such model is the Delta 50-760. It is a fairly popular dust collector that is present in many professional workshops around the world. But let us see how well it performs and if it belongs in your workshop or not.

DELTA 50-760 1.5HP 1,200 CFM Vertical Bag Dust Collector
  • Standard 1 micron filtration bag keeps your shop safer and cleaner
  • Snap-in bag rings are faster, easier and eliminate the need for cam-over-lock style clamps
  • Powerful TEFC induction motor for long-lasting, smooth performance with protection from damaging dust

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Delta 50-760 Dust Collector Review

#1. Technical Features


Delta 50-760 Dust Collector

The motor of this Delta dust collector is a very performing one. It is equipped with an industry-leading TEFC inductive motor that provides 1-1/2 HP. The motor itself is built to be long-lasting as well as offer a smooth performance even when used for long hours. This is very practical especially if you have a busy workshop doing heavy duty work for long hours. Additionally, the motor inside the unit is protected from sawdust and other debris that get sucked in the dust collector. This ensures a longer lifespan and efficiency.

The container bag is retrofitted at the bottom as expected and is translucent so that you can quickly check the status of wood chips. It can accommodate an impressive 6 cubic feet of debris making it suitable to work as a heavy-duty dust collection system.

Lastly, the 1-1/2 HP motor provides a very impressive 1,500 CFM of suction power. With this kind of CFM, the unit not only draws in tiny sawdust particles but also fairly big debris like wood chipping. Basically what this means is that this dust collection system will work with any power tool that generates any type of debris, whether it is fine sawdust or larger debris material.


Since this dust collection system is equipped with a fairly powerful motor and has and impressive 1,500 CFM, it should generate a fair bit of noise. However, the well engineered and very efficient motor in this system should drastically help limit noise. Noise has been a recurring problem with professional dust collection systems but we're glad to note that Delta is doing the best they can to help limit this problem. In fact, most dust collector reviews online equally take note of this effort. It is definitely less noisy than other models.

Ease of Use

By design and purpose, a dust collector should be also very easy-to-use. The Delta 50-760 is a very simplistic tool that does not have many complicated parts. This is actually by designed so as to make it very easy-to-use.

The bulk of the system sits on top of a stand with a front roller and 2 8” back wheels. This makes it easy to carry around. This is exceptionally helpful if you have a fairly large workshop and need to bring your dust collector to your power tool rather than the other way around.

The filter bag is sewn-in and fits right on top of the container. It is very easy to remove. You can either clean your filter bag using something as simple as soap and water or replace it entirely with great ease. All you will have to do is simply pull the filter bag and it will come out. There is no complicated cam-over-lock system as in other models that can sometimes make it difficult to remove the filter bags. The same applies for the container bag that is equally easy to remove and fit back in.

Quality of Air

What we like the most about this Delta dust collector is definitely the quality of air that it produces. The filters can offer an impressive 1-micron filtration which is literally unheard of in a workshop setting. Heavier and bigger debris like wood chips will sink to the bottom of the container bag. In the past, this kind of filtration was only possible with extremely expensive industrial grade filtration systems. Times have changed and you can now get the cleanest air possible in your workshop at a fraction of the price.

#2. Other Features

  • Y-Fitting: This model has a Y-fitting that allows you to connect two power tools. It should not diminish the efficiency even if those two power tools are operated at the same time. This makes it ideal for a professional workshop where two or more people are working.

#3. Price

Delta 50-760 Dust Collector

This model is definitely on the expensive side. Understandably so, it is a professional dust collection system that is directed at professionals rather than amateurs. It has one of the best filtration systems we have seen and its ability to absorb tiny dust particles as small as 1 micron is excellent. Few models can compete with this type of filtration capability, especially at the competitive price that it is offered. If you are looking for the best of the best in terms of workshop dust filtration capability, this model is literally unbeatable both in terms of features and price. To get even better filtration capacity than what this Delta 50-760 model can offer, you will have to go with industrial filtration systems that cost significantly more.

#4. Pros/Cons


  • Air filtration of up to 1 micron. Offers industrial grade filtration capacity in a small package
  • Our filter and container bag can quickly and easily be removed
  • Large 6 cubic meter capacity container bag is transparent. This allows you to see the status of wood chips with a glance
  • Very powerful suction capability of 1,500 CFM. Powerful motor that is relatively less noisy than other models
  • Large 8” wheels at the bottom allows you to move this dust collector around easily


  • The price. It is an expensive model

Who Should Buy?

If you require superior dust collection capabilities for your power tools then we do not know of any other dust collector system better than the Delta 50-760. It is a powerful unit with a strong suction capability that allows you to work with 2 power tools at the same time. We recommend this model to professionals looking forward to a cleaner and healthier air in the workshop. Go get it if you can afford it. It will no disappoint!

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