9 Types of Nail Guns – Understanding & Choosing

A nail gun is a tool used to drive various types of nails into wood or any other type of material. Compressed air, a highly flammable gas such as propane or butane, or a small explosive charge usually drives nail guns. In many ways, nail guns have replaced hammers as the tool of choice for […]

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How to Use Nail Gun Safely

Nail gun are great equipment, easy to use, and increase efficiency for nailing tasks. However, they are accountable for an assessed 37,000 crisis room visits yearly. Major injuries have led to deaths of construction workers. These injuries are popular in housing construction. Most injuries occur in framing, sheathing work, roofing as well as exterior siding […]

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How to Choose a Nail Gun

The nail gun is an indispensable power tool that every experienced DIYer and professional need. Those include people who work specifically in carpentry, building and decorating. A nail gun will save you precious time and make nailing a fun and easier task. We will show you how to choose a best nail gun, and it […]

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